Sindr: The Strike Anywhere Candle Holder

Sindr: The Strike Anywhere Candle Holder

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Sindr (old Norse for spark) is a strike anywhere candle holder born from my love for playing with fire and my passion for designing objects that enhance our experiences and add goodness to our lives, no matter how big or small. It is made of cast iron which beautifully coalesces with it's firey origins in form and function.

• 3 in 1 recess at end of holder that can switch from tea light, to dinner candle
to incense
• “Graveyard” scoop to cast hot matches in
• “Strike Zone* angled flat side that aids in lighting a strike anywhere match

Where it lives:
• by your fancy bathtub
• next to your favorite spot to read
• apart of your meditation space
• setting the mood for romantic dinners
• showing guests your cool designed object
• on your coffee table next to your favorite stack of magazines

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