A year long thesis

Minty-crete was developed during a year long thesis my senior year at UIC. It was another experimental design project that turned into a solution for public spaces. This was one of the most rewarding and mind opening projects I have ever pursued. 

Minty-crete (a mint and concrete concoction) is a tool to create mood enhancing infrastructure which can have a positive impact on public space. I specifically ideated around implementing the material in my own neighborhood in Chicago after laborious research (honestly loved all the reading). The final solution is modular hammock column-benches made of minty-crete for large open green spaces along the Logan Square Boulevards. This is an ambient aromatherapy related to the activities going on along the boulevards and also keeps the trees from being damaged by the surge of hammock hangers in the area. "Salvar un รกrbol" ... "Save a tree" is displayed, with respect to the bilingual community that exists and has existed for a very long time in Logan Square and in the United States in general.