Ariel Lynne
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Design for Manufacturing


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Design for Manufacturing

I have successfully managed and outsourced fabrication for four different crowdfunding campaigns (*), packaging for a cannabis company, and regularly work with vendors in all kinds of material fabrication— metal, wood, finishing services, print & packaging, 3D printing, etc. and I am always working to expand my vendor network.

My creative thinking skills, real world experience, and manufacturing network results in products that are not only beautiful, but also economically & functionally considerate.

Technical skills: Construction drawings, 3D modeling, Adobe Suite, 3D printing, manufacturer communique & sourcing, prototyping, etc.

*(Sindr, Posti, Ironwood, & All Hail the V)



I love to sketch. It’s how I think, understand the world around me, and communicate with others. I have worked with numerous clients to produce logos, illustration, storytelling, instruction manuals, certificates, concept sketching, presentations, portfolios and beyond.

Bouncing back and forth between 2D and 3D thinking is something I do with ease, and it’s what makes me capable of producing fresh exciting imagery. I also like to create a mood board on Pinterest for every client I work with. This serves as a space for us to share ideas and learn more about what aesthetic you want to achieve. I always strive to produce work that is modern, but maintains an authentic vibe with your brand.

Technical skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook, InDesign, Sketchup, laser cutting, analog sketching & illustration, etc.


Social Media

I have managed social media accounts for several small businesses (*), community groups, and personal projects. When managing these accounts, I focus on user engagement, increasing following at a steady rate (genuine followers, not bots), photography, and using a voice that represents your brand best.

I specialize in Instagram, but can navigate almost any social media platform and create content that is sensible and fitting for the medium. I love storytelling and I believe anyone who runs a business has a story to tell and your followers want to see that.

In today’s world, social media can be such a beautiful way to connect with those excited about your work and also a way to get the word about the “special thing” that you do!

Technical skills: Instagram, Facebook, product photography, headshots, brand identity, Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, storytelling, paid advertisements, increasing user engagement, customer communication, etc.

(*) Ironwood, Object Society, Posti, & Fourneau Oven



Success on a project often boils down to good communication. When working with me, you can expect clear communication, timely delivery of work, and a midwest bedside manner.

Almost every service I offer requires me to take an abstract idea that lives in the client’s mind and visualize it in some form. To be successful at this I focus on being empathetic, a good listener, and be able to shift from details to big picture fluidly. This is an area I have spent the past 6 years working to excel in and it’s the bones of what makes my process a good one.