Ariel Lynne
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Hi πŸ‘‹ My name is Ariel Lynne.

Work/Education/Etc: I have a degree in Industrial Design from UIC and received training in furniture design under Danish cabinet makers. I’ve carried the title projectionist, bartender, & wood shop tech. I have worked for multiple startups in the realms of furniture, cookware, & interior design. Not to mention, I have launched four successful crowdfunding campaigns. My life hasn’t had a linear path and I’ve always let my love of learning be my compass.

TLDR: I like to think of myself as a certified hustler with a healthy mix of realism and idealistic wonder in both my work and personal life.

Other: #canadian #tall #tomboy #runner #bookworm #earthworm #kickboxer #sketchy #scifi #maker #baker #intj #virgo #treekeeper #midwest #industrious #catlady #dogenthusiast #sciencey

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Ariel is a creative chameleon in the best possible way. I have worked with her on multiple applied design projects (interiors mostly) and the critical thinking that she has always brought to the table has been invaluable. Her industrial design experience has been an asset to our interior design firm - this includes custom 3D furniture modeling, construction detailing, and refreshing, original concept development.
— Kim, Interior Design Assist at SK Design Group

We hired Ariel to manage the Instagram account for our design organization Object Society, in the weeks before our 10th Anniversary Exhibition in June 2019. The account had been dormant for several years so it needed a lot of attention. Ariel was a quick study on what needed to happen and jumped right in. She developed a strategy to make our presentation really robust started by gathering material from the 30+ designers in our group. Then she started loading up our account with beautiful imagery, coupled it with meaningful content that she created and ultimately represented our organization in a way that was authentic and exciting. She also increased our following by over 1500%! Her savviness and responsiveness are truly valuable and an asset to any project. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her.
— Bridgette Buckley Bertain, Co-founder of Object Society and BB Studio Chicago

I would recommend Ariel to anyone and everyone, she is a true creative talent. I like to think of her as the design version of a police sketch artist. I describe anything to her and she realizes it through sketches and 3D renderings and it’s always spot on! She is a joy to work with and just an all around great person!
— Scott, Co-partner of SK design group

Ariel has been able to bring my ideas to life by soaking up all the details I provide for her and creating a piece of work that captures the essence of what I am requesting for my Tae Kwon Do gym. She has designed custom awards, certifications, and logos/art work. I wanted the newly designed awards and certifications to excite and motivate my students when they earned them because they’re one of a kind.


Ariel wants to present you with exceptional work and she does this by ensuring every detail of the work is just as you like it. Ariel has also done photography work for me by taking some head shots for all my social media accounts. The head shots make my business look professional and legitimate and she works with your good angles.
— Frank, Owner of Frank's Martial Arts