Education: Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Professional Experience: Currently Design and Operations Associate at Strand Design, previously production and design intern for Stephen Kenn Studio, and product designer, graphic designer, and interior design assist at SK Design Group

Training: Studied under Danish Cabinet makers and lived abroad in Denmark, Sweden, & Finland. The semester was spent vigorously studying and learning from Scandinavian furniture design. The end goal was to design & build a chair out solid white maple. Full scale shop drawings and 1:5 scale and full scale models were created prior to building the chair. My final design was a floor & meditation seat. I consider this to be one of the most informative experiences in my education and life.

When I’m not Designing: I enjoy going for a run, swimming, doing yoga, and hitting up my weekly kickboxing/Taekwondo class. I’m a pretty good baker, like to read when I’m on the train, enjoy working with my hands, and above all else I have an insatiable appetite for learning. Those who know me well describe me as industrious and would say that I highly value sleep and food.

Fun Labels: INTJ, Ravenclaw, 5'11" (I can reach stuff), I like cats & dogs, Trekkie


What I'm Reading Right Now